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By: M. Ugrasal, M.A., M.D., Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Louisiana State University School of Medicine in Shreveport

Sandra Simmons Another instance of putting big oil $$$ ahead of people and our environmental treasures gastritis erosive order protonix 20 mg without prescription. Enbridge should be fined billions and the money directed to gastritis diet шарлотка buy cheap protonix 40 mg line environmental improvement and protection projects gastritis neck pain order genuine protonix online. Enbridge has proven over and over that they cannot be trusted to protect our environment over their already well-lined pockets. Hold Enbridge accountable so that safety violations are not cost effective best practices (only a problem if Enbridge gets caught). The pipeline companies need to be held to a higher safety standard and we need more regulation and monitoring paid for with huge fines imposed. David Wanty Enbridge is totally responsible for its actions and should be held competely accountable. Jean Smith Enbridge employees do not have the right safety training or simply do not care. While I made friends during this time I can take you to places along the Kalamazoo River right now and show you where oil remains. Any company that causes such a disaster should be held accountable to the point where going forward the company will put in safe guards as well as work to lessen the damage that has been done. I hope that this company takes on full responsibility for the damage it has caused and that it will drastically change its practices to ensure that disasters like this cannot happen in the future. Brinton Culp Oil spills are disasters for the water, soil, plants and animals where they occur. Patricia Armstrong I am disheartened and angry that you are not taking seriously your mandate to protect the health and well-being of American citizens. Cherie Cray I was alarmed and disgusted when I learned of this spill from my coworkers who were working on clean water protection in Michigan. I am even more alarmed at a lack of sanctions on Enbridge to meaningfully punish them for harm caused and change their behavior to make spills like this far less likely in the future. Marcy Meachum Tar sands crude has no real justification as an energy source in the first place. If anything, make it harder to import, and make penalties for spills to be pegged to the cost of clean-up: the cruder the oil, the higher the price for a spill. It was a huge, life-changing disaster for nearby communities and the local environment. Even more outrageous is the fact that this agreement would actually reward Enbridge with a mandate to replace its aging Line 3 pipeline in Minnesota and Wisconsin, a project Enbridge has been pushing for years, which would be cover for building an entirely new, bigger pipeline designed to pump twice as much crude oil through the region. The energy sector should be held accountable for massive oil spills, not given a slap on the wrist and a thank you gift: impose real penalties on Enbridge for its oil disaster. Oil companies like Enbridge, with a long history of negligence, safety violations, and fines, only understand one thing: money. Charlie Weaver I have friends who live in the Gulf area, beaches they grew up on remain ruined or barely usable. Why am I telling you about the current results of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill What people there have had to give up, what is still happening and what a sad future for both the ocean and the land and the people living on both. Thus, I write to strongly urge you to actually impose Fines on Enbridge that Take Into Account not only the actual damage but the future damage that the Michigan spill requires. If they "get" to rebuild Line 3, you will enable Enbridge to pump both crude and tar sands crude across our nation, thus creating a danger to our lands, waters and air, as well as another target that would be difficult to defend. This Line 3 rebuild would also not help keep 80% of what is left in the ground, where it can not contribute to both global warming and climate change. We need to transition from fossil fuels to clean, renewable, sustainable energy, asap. Access to clean water being jeopardized for financial benefit of a foreign corporation. We also believe that the paltry civil penalties imposed on Enbridge are not sufficient to deter such a profitable oil company from allowing such spills to occur again. Corporations need to feel the pain which people who care about this massive damage to our world do.

Did folks come up to gastritis diet vs exercise buy protonix without prescription you after it or the next day and give you anything to gastritis diagnosis cheap protonix 20 mg with visa think about Instead of just going into my speech"Hi gastritis zungenbrennen generic protonix 20mg with amex, my name is Jeff"I decided to say "Faggot" really loud. After the entire reading was done, an English teacher came up to me and wanted to thank me, basically to commend me on what I did. And the next day a couple other people saw me and said, "Hey, I really liked what you had to say. That was a theme in almost all of the speeches, so one of the questions was "What makes your school like that All the students there helped to open the eyes of the adults, because students have a very different view than our parents have and our teachers have. I love to read, but I never would have learned to love reading if it had just been through school. Brenda Power: Can you think specifically, Matt, of what you learned at the conference that you carried away or that stays with you months later Matt King: I never really understood the subtleties of the issues of censorshiplike Stephen King and his view on it. If they did censor his books, kids would come and read them in droves because parents told them not to. Jeff Wilhelm: I remember the roleplay very well, how your fellow students looked at different issues that were addressed by provocative books, and how they said in each case, "But it could help me. Matt King: What I feel most adults fear is giving kids an open mind, letting them choose for themselves. Because lots of times especially older peoplewhen they were growing up, they were taught to conform, that there was a certain way to go. And now people are opening up, and I think controversial books are actually the most valuable books, because they make you think. They make you think about life, they make you think about values, whether your values are right. It makes you a more worldly person without actually having to go through the experience. Jeff Wilhelm: Again, why are they afraid of that, and why are books a good way of exploring those issues Sierra Knight: If you read a book about it, that gives you the chance to see that stuff like this is real. You can just mindlessly look at it and enjoy the overall plot and never really get into the real issues of it. Matt King: I think the only time books can become dangerous is when someone is not knowledgeable. I think if you are a knowledgeable person, books generally make you become more worldly. Matt King: Group reading is a great thing to help evaluate and help kids on the way to understanding these books. As you said, it might bolster somebody, but if they read it and talk about it in a group, they might ask, "What am I doing They felt he humanized the writing process and talked about it like something someone does, as opposed to something someone studies. Brenda Power: Would you say the same was true of his discussion of the reading process, too, John He made it seemboth reading and writingas something that was almost on the level of all of our other urges, and not necessarily something to be put in a special place. I learned so much from these eight kids writing these things and presenting them, and also from the kids who did the skit. I learned a lot more from having kids talk about my area of expertise, as opposed to talking about it myself. If you get kids out there talking about the things that are of interest to them, they will do as good a job as the so-called experts will.

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In this chapter I want to symptoms of upper gastritis trusted protonix 40mg complicate popular notions of what it means for students to gastritis diet breakfast buy protonix cheap own their work diet to help gastritis buy protonix cheap online. Ownership and the Legacy of Progressive Education Implicit in some versions of progressive education is a romanticized notion of childhood in which learning is viewed as the natural occupation of children. Here the role of the teacher is to provide a safe, supportive, and enriching environment for students to learn in, including stimulating toys, beautiful picture books, field trips to museums, other children to talk to, challenging games, and so on. Although most of us have been influenced by progressive education, the term ownership seems to emerge from the writing-process movement, particularly the work of Don Graves. In particular, students are more likely to edit and revise their work and discover their voice as writers if they control the topics of their writing (Graves, 1983). This may be especially true of adolescent readers, whose reading choices are linked to questions of emerging identity. Their purposes sustain their attention in projects and guide their motivation to understand. By having ownership in what they do, by following their own questions about topics, they are able to create new concepts and make new connections in their schemas" (p. The need to exercise control of learning "across the curriculum" is just as important for older learners. Theoretically, offering students some control over their reading acknowledges the role students have in constructing their own sense of what they read (Rosenblatt, 1978). From this perspective there is no reason to expect that students will make the same sense of a Stephen King novel, for instance, as would an adult. Politically, the concept of student ownership responds to anti-democratic, authoritarian tendencies in our schools that seek to prepare good workers by developing docile, compliant students. A case can also be made that progressive practices like literature discussion groups and writing workshops provide democratic spaces where students can safely try out their voices and ideas (see Lensmire, 1994). Language arts educators can rightfully argue that student ownership should be a guiding principle in reading and writing instruction. Left to their own designs students tend not to discover how to read critically racist or sexist texts, for example (see Albright and Hammett, chapter 8, this volume). Therefore, laissez-faireism in the name of student ownership is, in my opinion, simply bad teaching. Too much teacher support has the effect of taking control of learning away from students, giving students no personal reasons for learning beyond pleasing their teachers and parents. Too little teacher support leaves learners without social supports critical to meaningful learning (Vygotsky, 1978). And what counts as too much or too little support will depend on the context of learning. Below I consider two examples from my own teaching experience to illustrate the complicated nature of ownership. Two Examples of Student Ownership the first example is a teacher-led discussion that I had hoped would teach my students something about the role of setting in narratives. Teacher: Before I start reading more from the Great Brain Reforms [Fitzgerald, 1973] does anyone remember the name of the town where they lived Teacher: How else would the story have been different if it happened in a bigger town I also seemed to have forgotten my own belief that large-group discussions are never congenial to student ownership (Dudley-Marling & Searle, D. The discussion about the Great Brain Reforms stands in sharp contrast to the following small-group discussion in which I challenged students working at the science center to explain the "layered water problem. Hugh: Yeah but the water, if you added a tray full of balls and you dumped the water on it, it would just, the bubbles would pop. I ask general questions, but I do not control the content or the direction of this conversation. Still, it could be argued that the quality of talk here depended on my pres- ence to initiate this discussion although the students continued to engage in rich conversation after I left. Other potentially interesting science activities did not produce much discussion (Dudley-Marling, 1997). The difference here is that I carefully prepared the activity, in- troduced my students to the activity in both whole-class and smallgroup settings, and helped my students get the discussion started. From a Vygotskian perspective (1978) at least, learning depends on social relationships.

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On 17 December 1942 he recorded in his diary "names for pure paintings: Design gastritis zinc discount 20 mg protonix amex, arrangement gastritis diet синоптик order protonix 20mg fast delivery, monochrome-polychrome- unochrome-duochrome trio-quatrosexo etc gastritis diet бигсинема protonix 40mg without prescription. Carlisle, 285 Rutherford Birchard Hayes, 285 William Henry Harrison, 29, 285 Anne Evelina Hunter (Polk), 313 Anschutz, Thomas Pollock: On the Ohio, 285 Apollo and Daphne (Sargent), 315 April Landscape (Garber), 297 An Arrangement (Maurer, A. Glover (Tarbell), 319 Charles Carroll Glover (unidentified artist), 321 Charles-Philibert de Lasteyrie du Saillant (Peale, R. Washington, 293 Winter Scene, Ramapo Valley, 102 Crossing the Rocky Mountains (Brewer ton), 21, 290 Cupid, Stung by a Bee, Is Cherished by His Mother (West, B. Anthony, 299 Gysis, Nikolaus: Plucked Hen, 158 Hale, Ellen Day: the Young Gardener, 299 Hale, Philip Leslie: Portrait-Girl with Muff, 299 Half Moon Cove, Gloucester Bay, Massachusetts (Brevoort), 290 Hallowell, George Hawley: Wissataquoik River Drive, 299 Hannah Lemmon Corcoran (Mrs. John: Castle Garden-Their First Thanksgiving Dinner, 166, 167 Harriet Hubbard Ayer (Johnson, E. Polk, 300 James Madison, 301 James Monroe, 301 John Adams, 300 John Quincy Adams, 300 John Tyler, 300 Justin Smith Morrill of Vermont, 301 Martin Van Buren, 300 Mary Martin Anderson (Mrs.