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By: P. Vigo, MD

Vice Chair, Donald and Barbara School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell

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E a r s h o w i n g the e xt e r n a l a u d i t o r y me a t u s, the mi d d l e e a r w i t h i t s 8 o s s i c l e s, a n d the i n n e r e a r. T h e e n d o d e r ma l e p i the l i a l l i n i n g o f the i 1,) p r i mi t i v e t y mp a n i c c a v i t y the n e xt e n d s a l o n g the w a l l o f the n e w l y d e v e l o p i n g s p a c. T h e t y mp a n i c c a v i t y i s n o w a t l e a s t t w i c e a s l a r g e a s b e f o r. W h e n the o s s i c l e s a r e e n t i r e l y f r e e o f s u r r o u n d i n g me s e n c h y me, the e n d o d e r ma l e p i the l i u m c o n n e c t s the m i n a me s e n t e r y - l i k e f a s h i o n t o the w a l l o fF it g. T h e s u p p o r t i n g l i g a me n t s o f the o s s i c l e s d e v e l o p l a t e r w i t h i n the s e me s e n t e r i e s. D e r i v a t i v e s o f the f i r s t t h r e e p h a r y n g e a l a r c h e s. N o t e the 9 ma l l e u s a n d i n c u s a t the d o r s a l t i p o f the f i r s t a r c h a n d the s t a p e s a t t h a t o f the s e c o n d a r c h. M i d d l e e a r s h o w i n g the h a n d l e o f the ma l l e u s i n c o n t a c t w i t h B. T h e s t a p e s w i l l e s t a b l i s h c o n t a c t w i t h the me mb r a n e i n the o v a l w i n d o w. T h e w a l l o f the t y mp a n i c c a v i t y i s l i n e d w i the n d o d e r ma l e p i the l i u m. L c o me i n c o n t a c t w i t h the a n t r u m a n d t y mp a n i c c a v i t y. E xp a n s i o n o f i n f l a mma t i o n s o the mi d d l e e a r i n t o the a n t r u m a n d ma s t o i d a i r c e l l s i s a c o mmo n c o mp l i c a t i o n o f mi d d l e e a r i n f e c t i o n s. O c c a s i o n a l l y, the me a t a l p l u g p e r s i s t s u n t i l b i r t h, r e s u l t i n g i n c o n g e n i t a l d e a f n e s s. E a r d r u m o r Ty m p a n i c M e m b r a n e the e a r d r u m i s ma d e u (a) e c t o d e r ma l e p i the l i a l l i n i n g a t the b o t t o m o f the p of a u d i t o r y me a t u(s, e n d o d e r ma l e p i the l i a l l i n i n g o f the t y mp a n i c c (cv)i ay, a n d b) a tn i n t e r me d i a t e l a y e r o f c o n n e c t i v e t i isg. F s e the ma j o r p a r t o f the e a r d r u m i s f i r ml y a t t a c h e d t o the h a n d l e o F itg s. Auricle the a u r i c l ed e v e l o p s f r o m s i x me s e n c h y ma l p r o l i f e r a t i o n s a t the d o r s a l e n d s o f the f i r s t a n ds e c o n d p h a r y n g e a l a r c hs us r o u n d i n g the f i r s t p h a r y n g e a l c l e f t (s e e, e r F i g. In i t i a l l y, the e xt e r n a l e a r s a r e i n the l o w e rF in e c k r e g i o n (g. Clinical Corre late s De afne ss and Ex the rnal Ear Abnorm alitie s C o n g e n i t a l d e a f n e s s u a l l y a s s o c i a t e d w i t h d e a f - mu t i s m, ma y b e c a u s e d b y, us a b n o r ma l d e v e l o p me n t o f the me mb r a n o u s a n d b o n y l a b y r i n t h s o r b y ma l f o r ma t i o n s o f the a u d i t o r y o s s i c l e s a n d e a r d r u m.


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Microscopy reveals characteristic neuronophagia of anterior horn neurons; the dorsal roots are not affected symptoms urinary tract infection generic careprost 3 ml fast delivery. Infection causes acute muscular paralysis (atrophy medications dictionary purchase 3ml careprost, fasciculations medications 8 rights careprost 3ml low price, fibrillation, and hyporeflexia). Postpolio syndrome occurs more than 25 years later, with progressive weakness, decreased muscle mass, and pain. The arthropod-borne viruses (arboviruses) are transmitted by blood-sucking vectors such as ticks and mosquitoes. These viruses represent a heterogenous group of diseases responsible for most outbreaks of epidemic encephalitis, examples being eastern and western equine encephalitis and St. Disease results from alternate folding (normal helix to abnormal pleated sheet) of the normally present PrPc. They are characterized by long incubation periods followed by slowly progressive ataxia and dementia. Microscopically, there is characteristic spongiform change in the gray matter ("cluster of grapes" vacuolation) without inflammation. It primarily affects young adults between 20 and 40 years of age, with the onset of symptoms such as abnormalities of vision, tremors, paresthesias, and incoordination. Early findings include weakness of the lower extremities and visual abnormalities with retrobulbar pain. It results in medial rectus palsy on attempted lateral gaze and monocular nystagmus in abducting eye with convergence. Early symptoms include weakness and cramping, then muscle atrophy and fasciculations. Reflexes are hyperactive in upper and lower extremities, and a positive extensor plantar (Babinski) reflex develops because of the loss of upper motor neu- 510 Pathology rons. The triad of atrophic weakness of hands and forearms, slight spasticity of the legs, and generalized hyperreflexia-in the absence of sensory changes-suggests the diagnosis. The clinical course is rapid, and death may result from respiratory complications. In contrast, metachromatic leukodystrophy is an autosomal recessive disorder of sphingomyelin metabolism that results from deficiency of cerebroside sulfatase (aryl-sulfatase A). Sulfatides accumulate in lysosomes and stain metachromatically with cresyl violet. Diagnostic measures include amniocentesis, enzyme analysis, and measuring decreased urinary arylsulfatase A. The disease usually follows recovery from an influenzalike upper respiratory tract infection and is characterized by a motor neuropathy that leads to an ascending paralysis that begins with weakness in the distal extremities and rapidly involves proximal muscles. This leads to athetoid movements, cirrhosis of the liver, and copper deposits in the limbus of the cornea that produce the Kayser-Fleischer ring. The etiology is not well understood (age is the main risk factor), but it is clear that there are multiple etiologic pathways to this disease state. Silver stains demonstrate tangles and plaques and Congo red shows amyloid deposition in plaques and vascular walls (amyloid angiopathy). Grossly, brain atrophy (narrowed gyri and widened sulci) is predominant in the frontal and superior temporal lobes. Lewy bodies (eosinophilic intracytoplasmic inclusions) are found in the remaining neurons of the substantia nigra. The decreased synthesis of dopamine by neurons originating in the substantia nigra leads to decreased amounts and functioning of dopamine in the striatum. This results in decreased dopamine inhibition and a relative increase in acetylcholine function, which is excitatory in the striatum. The severity of the motor syndrome correlates with the degree of dopamine deficiency. In Lewy body dementia, Lewy bodies are found in the cerebral cortex (producing dementia; this is the third most common cause of dementia). In Shy-Drager syndrome, Lewy bodies are found in sympathetic neurons in the spinal cord (causing autonomic dysfunction, including orthostatic hypotension, impotence, abnormal sweat and salivary gland secretion, and pupillary abnormalities).

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This septum is derived from the merging of mesoderm covering the yolk sac and surrounding the allantois symptoms ebola buy generic careprost 3 ml. As the embryo grows and caudal folding continues medications for fibromyalgia cheap 3 ml careprost with amex, the tip of the urorectal septum comes to medications for ptsd buy discount careprost 3 ml online lie close to the cloacal membrane. At the end of the seventh week, the cloacal membrane ruptures, creating the anal opening for the hindgut and a ventral opening for the urogenital sinus. The upper part (two-thirds) of the anal canal is derived from endoderm of the hindgut; the lower part (one-third) is derived from ectoderm around the proctodeum. Ectoderm in the region of the proctodeum on the surface of part of the cloaca proliferates and invaginates to create the anal pit. Subsequently, degeneration of the cloacal membrane (now called the anal membrane) establishes continuity between the upper and lower parts of the anal canal. Since the caudal part of the anal canal originates from ectoderm, it is supplied by the inferior rectal arteries, branches of the internal pudendal arteries. However, the cranial part of the anal canal originates from endoderm and is therefore supplied by the superior rectal artery, a continuation of the inferior mesenteric artery, the artery of the hindgut. The junction between the endodermal and ectodermal regions of the anal canal is delineated by the pectinate line, just below the anal columns. At this line, the epithelium changes from columnar to stratified squamous epithelium. Allantois Primitive urogenital sinus Urogenital membrane Urinary bladder Cloaca Perineal body Anal membrane Proctodeum Anorectal canal A Cloacal membrane Urorectal septum Hindgut B C Figure 15. The hindgut enters the posterior portion of the cloaca, the future anorectal canal; the allantois enters the anterior portion, the future urogenital sinus. The urorectal septum is formed by merging of the mesoderm covering the allantois and the yolk sac. The cloacal membrane, which forms the ventral boundary of the cloaca, is composed of ectoderm and endoderm. As caudal folding of the embryo continues, the urorectal septum moves closer to the cloacal membrane. Lengthening of the genital tubercle pulls the urogenital portion of the cloaca anteriorly; breakdown of the cloacal membrane creates an opening for the hindgut and one for the urogenital sinus. Urinary bladder Urorectal fistula Uterus Symphysis Urethra Urethra Vagina Rectum Rectovaginal fistula A Scrotum Anal pit B Anal pit Peritoneal cavity Unrinary bladder Unrinary bladder Symphysis Symphysis Rectum Urethra Scrotum Rectoperineal Rectum fistula Urethra Vagina Anal pit Anal membrane Uterus C D Chapter 15 Digestive System 231 Summary the epithelium of the digestive system and the parenchyma of its derivatives originate in the endoderm; connective tissue, muscular components, and peritoneal components originate in the mesoderm. Then, differentiation of the gut and its derivatives depends upon reciprocal interactions between the gut endoderm (epithelium) and its surrounding mesoderm (an epithelial-mesenchymal interaction). The gut system extends from the oropharyngeal membrane to the cloacal membrane. The foregut gives rise to the esophagus, the trachea and lung buds, the stomach, and the duodenum proximal to the entrance of the bile duct. In addition, the liver, pancreas, and biliary apparatus develop as outgrowths of the endodermal epithelium of the upper part of the duodenum. Since the upper part of the foregut is divided by a septum (the tracheoesophageal septum) into the esophagus posteriorly and the trachea and lung buds anteriorly, deviation of the septum may result in abnormal openings between the trachea and esophagus. The epithelial liver cords and biliary system growing out into the septum transversum. Hematopoietic cells (present in the liver in greater numbers before birth than afterward), the Kupffer cells, and connective tissue cells originate in the mesoderm. The pancreas develops from a ventral bud and a dorsal bud that later fuse to form the definitive pancreas. Sometimes, the two parts surround the duodenum (annular pancreas), causing constriction of the gut. At its apex, the primary loop remains temporarily in open connection with the yolk sac through the vitelline duct. During the sixth week, the loop grows so rapidly that it protrudes into the umbilical cord (physiological herniation). Remnants of the vitelline duct, failure of the midgut to return to the abdominal cavity, malrotation, stenosis, and duplication of parts of the gut are common abnormalities.

Patients who have had an attack of anaphylaxis and who are at risk of developing another should carry a preloaded syringe of adrenaline for i symptoms 10 weeks pregnant order careprost amex. Acute disturbances of haemodynamic function (shock) 577 Hypovolaemic shock Increased sympathetic tone causes tachycardia (pulse > 100 beats/min) symptoms pregnancy order 3 ml careprost with mastercard, sweating and peripheral vasoconstriction (blood is redirected from the periphery to medications mobic generic 3ml careprost with amex vital organs), leading to inadequate tissue perfusion with cold clammy skin and slow capillary refill (>3 seconds). Cardiogenic shock Additional clinical features are those of acute heart failure. Urticaria, angio-oedema, wheezing and upper airway obstruction due to laryngeal oedema may all be present. Sepsis is an infection with evidence of a systemic inflammatory response (Table 12. Sepsis in elderly people or in the immunosuppressed is common without the classic clinical features of infection. The systemic inflammatory response syndrome also occurs with severe burns, trauma and acute pancreatitis, and these conditions may mimic infection. Whatever the aetiology of shock, tissue blood flow and blood pressure must be restored as quickly as possible to avoid multiple organ failure. Expansion of the circulating volume (preload) Volume replacement is necessary in hypovolaemic shock and also in anaphylactic shock. Fluid is also given to patients with severe sepsis where there is vasodilatation, sequestration of blood and loss of circulating volume secondary to capillary leakage. These patients have evidence of organ dysfunction but may not necessarily be hypotensive (Table 12. Care must be taken to prevent volume overload, which leads to a reduction in stroke volume and a rise in left atrial pressure with a risk of pulmonary oedema. Complications of massive blood transfusion are hypothermia (minimized by using a blood warmer during infusion), coagulopathy (stored blood has almost no effective 578 Intensive care medicine Table 12. There has been considerable debate of the merits of crystalloid versus colloid in volume resuscitation and in most situations there are no apparent clinical differences. Myocardial contractility and inotropic agents Myocardial contractility is impaired in cardiogenic shock and at a later stage in other forms of shock as a result of hypoxaemia, acidosis and the release of mediators. Treatment of acidosis should concentrate on correcting the cause; intravenous bicarbonate should only be administered to correct extreme (pH < 7. Inotropic agents are administered via a large central vein and the effects must be carefully monitored. The particular agent used depends on the values for mean arterial pressure, cardiac output and personal preference. This may increase renal perfusion pressure and urine output but excessive vasoconstriction leads to decreased cardiac output, oliguria and peripheral gangrene. Weakly positive inotrope and powerful splanchnic vasodilator, reducing afterload and improving blood flow to vital organs. Most useful in those with low cardiac output and peripheral vasoconstriction Predominantly 1 activity. Postsynaptic D1 receptors mediate vasodilatation of mesenteric, renal, coronary and cerebral circulation. Presynaptic D2 receptors cause vasoconstriction by inducing noradrenaline release. Acute disturbances of haemodynamic function (shock) 581 and oliguric despite adequate volume replacement and a satisfactory blood pressure. Finally, in patients with a potentially reversible depression of left ventricular function.

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