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What Others Are Saying About the AM-FM Act

25 November 2019

See what others are saying about the AM-FM Act:

Consumers today have more choices than ever in how, where, and when they listen to music, including radio, satellite radio, television, and mobile devices.  All music should be treated the same regardless of its source.  The AM/FM Act of 2019 will help modernize the music copyright system to provide this much-needed intellectual property equity.

Legislation Introduced to Further Music Copyright Modernization

Deborah Collier, Citizens Against Government Waste


“The owners of copyrighted music should be protected in their rights. But a glaring void in the law allows AM and FM radio stations to play copyrighted sound recordings without obtaining permission or paying the owners. Legislation introduced in Congress on November 21 called the “Ask Musicians for Music Act” (AM-FM Act) would, if passed, fill that void and secure to sound recording owners the legal protections they deserve.”

Congress Should Take Up the AM-FM Act to Better Protect Music Copyrights

Seth L. Cooper from the Free State Foundation


“Broadcasters have always defended this arrangement [not paying artists for their work] by arguing that they provide the marketing for music that listeners then go out and buy.  But as the industry has been turned upside down by technology, record and CD sales have plummeted and that argument has become badly outdated. Senator Blackburn’s bill rectifies this by simply requiring broadcasters to receive permission from artists before airing a song – which would allow artists who want the free exposure to get it, while others would choose to negotiate for compensation.”

Senator Blackburn Introduces Bold Legislation to Project Artists

Jon Decker, American Commitment


“Great news: The bipartisan Ask Musicians For Music (AM/FM) Act of 2019 finally closes the unjust loophole allowing AM/FM broadcasters to remain the only format depriving music creators and performers for their work. Digital radio pays for the music it uses, and so should AM/FM.”

Center for Individual Freedom

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