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RT @a2im: #A2IM pens rebuttal to #YouTube Lyor Cohen’s piece, addressing the #ValueGap and how they need to do better https://t.co/pnhJuJ2pM4 @Variety
RT @RIAA: BREAKING: New blog from our CEO on @Medium: Five Stubborn Truths About YouTube and the Value Gap https://t.co/m6u3QjuE8b
As @Forbes asks who doesn’t pay for music, remember #BigRadio refuses to compensate music creators for their work: https://t.co/DWg6x5mHgf
.@RollingStone highlights how streaming services like Spotify are leading the way in artist discovery https://t.co/eG9l1JpBNh
The #FairPlayFairPay Act protects local radio stations and ensures megacorps like iheart & CBS pay music creators 4 using their work
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