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We need your help to ensure fair pay for all Music Creators! Here's what you can do to help spread the word:

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Music creators know that their work has value. Why won’t #BigRadio recognize that? https://t.co/fBEnImt3S0
Musicians should be fairly compensated for their work. That’s why we support #FairPlayFairPay https://t.co/UvkcdJqPGB
The #FairPlayFairPay Act will bring us one step closer to fixing the deeply-flawed way that music artists are compensated for their work.
RT if you agree that Congress should pass the #FairPlayFairPay Act and protect past, present, and future artists https://t.co/knIZm9wHNC
With your help, we can make fairness for music creators a reality. Contact Congress today https://t.co/knIZm9wHNC
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