musicFIRST Executive Director Chris Israel Responds to the Introduction of House Resolution Concerning Local Radio Freedom Act
Posted on 1/24/2017

It’s a new year, we have a new Congress and as of last week, a new Administration. Someone may want to tell the Big Radio lobby that 2017 represents change on all fronts in Washington, D.C.

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musicFIRST Announces Chris Israel as Executive Director
Posted on 1/10/2017

The Executive Committee of the musicFIRST Coalition announced today the appointment of Chris Israel as the Coalition’s Executive Director. Mr. Israel will begin serving in this capacity for musicFIRST – a broad-based coalition working to ensure music creators get fair pay for their work, on AM/FM and wherever and however it is played – immediately.

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Exposed: How the NAB Fools Its Own Members
Posted on 2/9/2016

Listening to the NAB’s very first podcast was an introduction to an alternative universe. It’s all about fake legislation they have been trumpeting for years: LRFA. Read More

The Fair Play Fair Pay Act is More Than Just Performance Rights
Posted on 2/4/2016

Here at musicFIRST, we spend every day working for the Fair Play Fair Pay bill, which would – after decades of struggle – finally create an AM/FM performance right so that musicians and vocalists get paid when Big Radio uses their work. Read More. 

Elton John, REM, Chuck D, Annie Lennox, Imogen Heap, tUnE-yArDs and Thousands of Artists and Fans Around the World Call for Action on the Fair Play Fair Pay Act
Posted on 7/20/2015

During the past week, an online “Music Community Week of Action in Support of the Fair Play Fair Pay Act” organized by musicFIRST Coalition members – along with allied groups, including the Featured Artists Coalition, Content Creators Coalition and Future of Music Coalition – brought artists and fans worldwide together to show their support for U.S. music creators.

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The laws surrounding music were designed for the past - it's time to #HarmonizeMusic
Musicians who recorded songs before this day in 1972 have been losing out for almost half a century #HarmonizeMusic
Hard to believe, but songs released before this day in 1972 lack the most basic protections under US Federal Law https://t.co/36Reh5xUCO