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Momentum is Growing for CLASSICS, Comprehensive Music Legislation!

23 April 2018

Following the unanimous passage of the Music Modernization Act by the House Judiciary Committee earlier this month, the chorus of voices coming together in support of modernizing America’s outdated music laws is growing!

The Music Modernization Act combines key provisions of four separate legislative initiatives into a single bill that will update how music rates are set and how songwriters and artists are paid. One of these provisions, The CLASSICS Act, corrects a long-standing injustice in copyright law that specifically exempts pre-72 legacy artists from being compensated fairly when their songs are played on digital listening platforms and satellite radio.

The full House of Representatives is expected to consider this legislation as soon as this week!  Check out what people from the music industry, Capitol Hill and tech companies are saying about why now is the time to update the law and stand up for music creators:

“If you’re a music lover, like me ❤ 🎶 ❤ help us fight for the rights of all music creators with @GrammyAdvocacy to make this the year we modernize music legislation!! Tell Congress to #SupportMusic!  💜 #musicmodernizationact #GRAMMYsOnTheHill” – Alicia Keys

“The simple theme of these reforms is fairness: Songwriters deserve the opportunity to obtain fair rates for the use of their musical works, and music providers should be able to compensate creators with transparency in a way that makes sense for the 21st century.” – Rep. Judy Chu and Rep. Doug Collins

“We’re honored to stand alongside the Academy and Reps. Chu and Collins in speaking out and protecting an industry that has done so much for us.” What would your life be like without a song to walk your daughter down the aisle? The first dance song? The song that laid your father to rest and gave you peace?” – Karen Fairchild, Little Big Town

“Certainly, much work remains before the recorded-music industry can be considered equitable for all. Nevertheless, the MMA is consequential because all sides of the recorded music industry along with the tech companies are working together, setting aside longstanding differences to produce a positive incremental result. I hope that this is the first in an iterative series of joint efforts to build a fairer and better business for all. We are better together than we are apart.” – Richard James Burgess, CEO American Association of Independent Music

“The world keeps evolving so much and so fast that the law is still back there – so we need an update. WE need everything that has been going on with the digital world…to be in that law. So that way we can be protected and compensated as we deserve.” – Erika Ender, a GRAMMY Award-winning co-writer of Despacito

“The fact is both SiriusXM and broadcast radio enjoy sweetheart deals from the government consummated at the expense of creators. We have an opportunity to roll back some of these government subsidies as part of the current legislative package while we continue to press on others…This legislation does not address every inequity facing music creators, but it’s an important step on the journey towards treating all creators fairly — across all platforms. And it’s progress.” – Michael Huppe, CEO of Sound Exchange

“They’re working on making sure people who wrote songs in the ‘30s and ‘40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, they will also be properly compensated because with copyright laws…they’re trying to bring it up to date so that people can have a sustainable living as a creator.” – GRAMMY Award-winning Lisa Loeb

“The legislation shaped by members of the House Judiciary Committee is broad and bold. We all recognize that the current, dated music licensing system is adversely affecting every stakeholder, so we have all come together to support comprehensive reforms. These improvements will support the songwriter who provides the creative spark, the artists and producers who give the words life and the services that bring great music to fans. That is indeed unity that is hard to find.” – Our own, Chris Israel, Executive Director of musicFIRST

Now is the time to join their call and make your voice heard. Click HERE to tell your representatives in Washington that it’s time to finally bring music laws into the 21st Century.

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