It’s Time We Harmonize Music

From Spotify to SoundCloud, from Apple Music to Amazon Prime, from Pandora to Tidal, music lovers have more choices than ever before to enjoy their favorite songs.

The explosive growth of on-demand music streaming services, combined with the diversity of listening options found on SiriusXM, have transformed the music landscape, providing fans with more options, more access and more commercial-free content than ever before.

Steaming your favorite tunes wasn’t possible just a few years ago. Now it’s something we do every day. And who knows how technology will shape how we listen to music in the future. Yet, as innovation drives how we access music, decades old federal laws – many written before the internet – govern how music is played and they haven’t kept up with the times.

Consider how the top songs streamed in 2016 are treated based on the platforms they’re played on:

And things are even worse for songs recorded before February 15, 1972, all of which are treated differently than songs recorded after that date:

The laws surrounding music were designed for the past. We need to be looking to the future and harmonize how we treat music delivery platforms so our laws reflect how we actually listen to music today.

Let’s bring balance to the laws that govern how music is played. Add your name below to help us harmonize how we hear music!