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We Won!

We won!

For weeks we have been asking whether the Internet Radio Fairness Act and its 85 percent artist pay cut is dead or alive. There were tantalizing hints in this November 13th posting in Forbes Tech, which carried the scoop that Pandora “has shifted focus away from the bill.”

Now, we have a final answer from Glenn Peoples at Billboard – Pandora is standing down! Mr. Peoples reports: “Pandora has given up its efforts to seek legislation that would help reduce the royalties paid to rights holders, a source knowledgeable with the decision tells Billboard.”

It is, as the story indicates, a historic moment for music creators. Our Coalition of labels, managers, artists, unions and trade groups like SoundExchange and RIAA harmonized on social media and traditional media, banding together in perfect pitch to get our message out.

And our Coalition work wouldn’t have been possible without you. You blogged, tweeted, posted on Facebook, and spread the word through email newsletters that music creators’ pockets were being picked and that we would stand tall for fair pay for airplay. You made the difference by working in unison.

The digital music landscape presents innumerable opportunities for music creators, but it also presents pitfalls. We unquestionably want digital services to succeed, but not at the expense of fair pay for music creators. And we want to end, once and for all, AM/FM radio’s sole, special interest exemption from paying performance royalties. It is unfair and unreasonable to music creators and digital services. We should make common cause.

And the next time Wall Street companies try to rip off music creators, we stand with you – ready to fight back.

In this season of thanks, I thank you – our readers and supporters – for all that you did to make this happen.