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NAB’s Doubletalk in One Sentence

Sometimes I feel sorry for leaders at the NAB. Being on the wrong side of an issue – in this case, over whether artists deserve to be paid for their music – can force you into some pretty foolish, contradictory statements. Even in the midst of attacking your opponents, you often prove why they are right. 

Take this embarrassingly revealing statement by the NAB's Chris Orneleas:

“So it is with regulatory and policy issues in DC where we engage in hand to hand battle daily with competitors that are attempting to use lawmakers…to…diminish the value of the content we carry into every living room, and tax the music we provide for free to 250 million listeners every day.”  (Page 4, Second Paragraph)

So when it's your content (TV programs), it has “value”, but when it is someone else’s (music) paying for it would be a “tax”?? (BTW, Mr. Orneleas, a music creator’s paycheck isn’t a “tax” any more than yours is.)

Thanks to Recording Academy Member Tom Murphy who sent us this gem.