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How Low Can They Go?

This has to be some kind of sick joke. Pandora bought an FM radio station to game the system in order to pay songwriters less

Pandora continues to find new ways to give artists and songwriters a raw deal from the bottom of the deck. In their race to the bottom to see how little they can pay music creators, they have stooped to misleading legislation, bait and switch petitions, and now fronting as an FM radio station.

I thought they wanted to “disrupt” terrestrial radio, not BECOME it.

While others negotiate with music creators as partners, Pandora has committed itself to a war on all fronts.

We know they will keep pushing to cut performers pay by as much as 85% in the so-called IRFA legislation and they will continue to send out sign-on petitions to indie artists that obscure how those artists' names will be used.

But if they are willing to buy an FM station to game the system, who knows what they will do next?

It doesn’t matter. Music creators stand shoulder to shoulder in fighting these tricks.

At the same time, they give lipservice that they “value” music creators. Sounds familiar. Defensive much?