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    NAB’s Doubletalk in One Sentence
    Posted on 4/17/14

    Sometimes I feel sorry for leaders at the NAB. Being on the wrong side of an issue – in this case, over whether artists deserve to be paid for their music – can force you into some pretty foolish, contradictory statements. 
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    Posted on 3/25/14

    Today, during the House Energy & Commerce Committee's markup Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) stood up for music creators by highlighting the current unfair system where AM/FM stations use musicians’ work without paying a cent. Rep. Anna Eshoo (D-CA) echoed the shamefulness of status quo.
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    The Next Shoe To Drop – AM/FM Loses Ground as Newer, Better Services Take Root
    Posted on 1/31/14

    An interesting new take from Music Industry blog today on the rise of digital streaming services. 

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    The WSJ Exposes the NAB’s Big Lie: They Aren’t Promoting Music, They Are Playing the Same Songs Over and Over
    Posted on 1/17/14

    If You Can Hear it Every Time You Get in Your Car for Free, Why Bother Buying It?
    In 2002, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers made a courageous warning in their song “The Last DJ” about Big Radio consolidation and the diminishing opportunities for new artists to get airplay and breakthrough.
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    RT @EverclearBand: New @Everclearband duet- "This Land Is Your Land" ft @PhizLair. @FarmlandFilm premieres @ #TFF2014. Theaters 5/1: http:/…
    Liz Phair (@PhizLair) changed what music can be. Liz & great @EverclearBand covering "This Land is Your Land". I dig. http://t.co/T5eNyankMJ
    Busted. “@TheBuzzAbout: @musicFIRST ha! You really are going to spend all day analyzing!”
    Fixed NAB: "RADIO takes copyrighted material, profits from it an does so without compensating the copyright holder." http://t.co/OVNBBnrq3g
    RT @nprmusic: Watch a backyard interview with 19-year-old rapper @LilBibby_ on @NPRHipHop. http://t.co/Wm97uO56IR http://t.co/Wsh4f4XcSo
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