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    Get Ready for 2015
    Posted on 12/19/14

    2015 is shaping up to be the biggest year in the fight for fair pay for music creators in recent memory.  Learn why.

    How long until SiriusXM faces the music?
    Posted on 12/16/14

    A few weeks ago, SiriusXM fired the law firm they hired to defend their illegally using Pre-72 songs without paying artists for their works.

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    SiriusXM's Two Faced Tuesday
    Posted on 10/31/14

    We have written before (here and here) about the unconscionable refusal of SiriusXM (along with other online streaming services, such as Pandora) to pay royalties to artists who recorded music before an arbitrary cutoff date in February 1972.

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    The Queen of Soul Shines A Spotlight On The Problem of Pre-72 Royalties
    Posted on 10/22/14

    Aretha Franklin, a cultural treasure if there ever was one, released a new album yesterday, Aretha Franklin Sings the Great Diva Classics, on which she covers classic songs by classic women.

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    @berkeleyteo thank you so much!
    @PunkSoda you should get your facts straight. Digital services only recently claimed they didn't have to pay. That's moving the goalposts.
    Dumbest thing I read today: digital radio will stop playing pre-72 music if they have to pay for it! http://t.co/pIvoHj5FTo
    musicFIRST member killing it RT @SAGawards: Looking sharp! @sagaftra president #kenhoward is here! #sagawards http://t.co/xJq0CEqvF6 #coach
    Insightful essay about the late Roy Orbison. http://t.co/hMU9R05Y1k
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