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    Can Radio Afford to Pay for the Music They Play? Big Radio Cries Poor to Congress
    Posted on 2/24/15

    Word on the street is that Big Radio’s lobbyists are hitting Congressional offices today with the following unbelievable claim: they say stations will have to reduce the size of their staff if required to pay for music.

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    musicFIRST Announces Support for Pro-Music BOTS Act
    Posted on 2/5/15

    Today, the musicFIRST Coalition's Executive Director Ted Kalo issued the following statement in response to Representative Marsha Blackburn’s introduction of the BOTS Act.

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    A “Game-Changing” Moment in the Fight for Fair Pay for Music Creators
    Posted on 2/5/15

    Today, the United States Copyright Office issued a new report calling for broad reform of music licensing to provide fair pay for music creators.

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    Get Ready for 2015
    Posted on 12/19/14

    2015 is shaping up to be the biggest year in the fight for fair pay for music creators in recent memory.

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