Big Radio Descends on Capitol Hill
Posted on 3/1/17

Big Radio leaders are descending on Capitol Hill this week with one goal – to protect their massive government subsidy for FM radio.

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Statement from musicFIRST Executive Director Chris Israel Marking Pre-72 Anniversary
Posted on 2/15/17

Washington, D.C. (February 15, 2017) – musicFIRST Executive Director Chris Israel issued the following statement today, which marks 44 years of antiquated copyright laws:

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musicFIRST Executive Director Chris Israel Responds to the Introduction of House Resolution Concerning Local Radio Freedom Act
Posted on 1/24/17

It’s a new year, we have a new Congress and as of last week, a new Administration. Someone may want to tell the Big Radio lobby that 2017 represents change on all fronts in Washington, D.C.

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musicFIRST Announces Chris Israel as Executive Director
Posted on 1/10/17

The Executive Committee of the musicFIRST Coalition announced today the appointment of Chris Israel as the Coalition’s Executive Director. Mr. Israel will begin serving in this capacity for musicFIRST – a broad-based coalition working to ensure music creators get fair pay for their work, on AM/FM and wherever and however it is played – immediately.

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